The Wild Lands


A close call

With three of the adventurers arriving at Oleg’s Trading Post the expedition to the Wild Lands is officially underway. With the adventurers Crim, Hubert Honkeneffer, and a rogue arriving on the 31st day of First Seed, they were swiftly warned of an immediate threat to the Trading Post by the bandits they had been sent to kill.

For the past three months, the trading post had fallen victims to the bandits of the region. These bandits claimed all of Oleg’s stock at the beginning of every month, and the couple have been struggling to make ends meet ever since. With Oleg offering a reward for the killing of the bandits who prey on the fort, the adventurer’s wasted no time in setting up a trap for the vile brigands.

An hour before sunrise, the bandits came right on schedule. In total, there were 3 thugs lead by a man in a cloak. After the bandits had dismounted and begun loading up the supplies, Hubert quickly shut the gate to the post, while Crim leaped over the bewildered bandits, soaking them in lantern oil which quickly sparked ablaze, burning two of the bandits and setting their leader on fire. Though Crim was rapidly incapacitated by a combination of attacks by bandits and a near-fatal error wielding his scythe, the leader quickly burned to death, causing the three other bandits to quickly throw down their weapons and beg for mercy.

After executing two of the bandits and reviving Crim, an interrogation of the third bandit revealed that their forward encampment was located at a location to the northwest of the trading post called the Thorn River Ford. This outpost is lead by a cruel woman named Kressle who is known for her dual hatchets and her proclivity to use them. After the interrogation, the final bandit was thrown into the post’s compost heaps to either die of infection or be contained until a patrol comes to take him to the ore mines at Khorinis.



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