The Wild Lands

Into the Wilds
This does not bode well

With the bandits at the trading post defeated, the group spent the night at Oleg’s, preparing to head out into the Wilds in the morning. When morning arrived however, they were greeted by a group of mercenaries who had answered Oleg’s request for protection. They also brought with them a new person bearing the charter, a gnomish paladin named Pinky. With the full party assembled, the group set out to locate the Thorn River Camp that the bandits had mentioned, and kill the bandit lieutenant Kressle. Before heading out, they accepted a few requests from Oleg, Svetlana and the new leader of the guards at Oleg’s, Kesten Garess.

The group set out to the west looking for a patch of Moon Radishes that Svetlana wished to cook into a soup for her husband. Locating the patch nearby, they dispatched a group of four kobolds who had been feasting on the radishes before gathering the plants and heading to the Thorn River Camp. Shortly before they arrived at the location however, the group began to argue about how best to deal with the bandits. Crim and John, keen on maximizing their chances of survival, wished to infiltrate the bandits to find the location of their main camp, then dispatch them once their guard was down. Pinky however, wished for none of that. Fervently holding to her beliefs, she insisted that the bandits be immediately put to justice, and that even pretending to join them was as bad as actually engaging in banditry. Once it became apparent that Crim and John intended to subdue Pinky to carry out their plan, regardless of her opinion, Hubert Honkeneffer stepped in to attempt to mediate the dispute and free Pinky, whom Crim had knocked unconscious and bound. For his troubles, he too was bound and gagged.

With half the party subdued, Crim and John entered the bandit camp, where they fell into a poorly disguised ambush by the bandits. After Crim rapidly dispatched two of them however, Kressle stepped forward to offer them a place in the group like they wanted. Per Crim’s suggestion, she dispatched them to discover what had happened to the group sent to steal from Oleg, as well as recover some treasure stolen by a previous crony. In return, they would be allowed to join the bandits and take the loot they had acquired to The Stag Lord’s fortress. Kressle informed the party that she was merely the leader of the bandits outside the fort, and that The Stag Lord was the true leader of the bandits. With their goal nearly in their sight, the group set out to recover the cache that Kressle had told them about.

With the only information they had being to search the southern desert, the party set out southward. Encountering nothing of interest before reaching the desert, they spend two days exploring a 12 by 24 mile swath of desert, before finally finding the cache buried beneath an ominous looking tree atop a dune. With treasure in hand and bound party members in tow, though Hubert had since been released, the group set out to return to the camp. On the way back however, they took a different route and encountered two interesting sites. The first was a wrecked toll bridge with naught but a bell and single rope spanning a river. After Hubert rung the bell, a horrible undead creature rose from the depths of the river. Before they party could attack it, the creature entreated the group to listen to it. Due to some unknown grievance, the creature wished for the corpse of The Stag Lord to be cast into the river’s depths before it could find eternal rest. The second site was an old Sycamore tree that appeared to be the site of a miniature war between the local tribe of kobolds and a species of vile creatures called Mites. Remembering the site so that they could return once their business with the bandits was complete, they continued onward.

Arriving at the camp shortly before nightfall, they presented the cache they had found as well as telling Kressle that the group sent to Oleg’s had fallen victim to Tuskgutter, a particularly violent and well-known boar who has claimed many a soul fool enough to venture into his territory. This was a lie of course, but Kressle believed it nonetheless. Welcoming them into their camp, when the dawn arrived, the group set out to the Stag Lord’s fort with the camp’s loot. After nearly a day of travel, the group came within sight of the fort, then proceeded to kill their guide and claim the camp’s spoils as their own. Returning to the camp under cover of night, the group released Pinky and mercilessly slaughtered the bandits. After this they returned to Oleg’s Trading Post to sell off the gear they had acquired as well as give Svetlana the Moon Radishes and send word to Algol that they had dealt a significant blow to bandit activity in the Greenbelt, before preparing for the next leg of their journey.

A close call

With three of the adventurers arriving at Oleg’s Trading Post the expedition to the Wild Lands is officially underway. With the adventurers Crim, Hubert Honkeneffer, and a rogue arriving on the 31st day of First Seed, they were swiftly warned of an immediate threat to the Trading Post by the bandits they had been sent to kill.

For the past three months, the trading post had fallen victims to the bandits of the region. These bandits claimed all of Oleg’s stock at the beginning of every month, and the couple have been struggling to make ends meet ever since. With Oleg offering a reward for the killing of the bandits who prey on the fort, the adventurer’s wasted no time in setting up a trap for the vile brigands.

An hour before sunrise, the bandits came right on schedule. In total, there were 3 thugs lead by a man in a cloak. After the bandits had dismounted and begun loading up the supplies, Hubert quickly shut the gate to the post, while Crim leaped over the bewildered bandits, soaking them in lantern oil which quickly sparked ablaze, burning two of the bandits and setting their leader on fire. Though Crim was rapidly incapacitated by a combination of attacks by bandits and a near-fatal error wielding his scythe, the leader quickly burned to death, causing the three other bandits to quickly throw down their weapons and beg for mercy.

After executing two of the bandits and reviving Crim, an interrogation of the third bandit revealed that their forward encampment was located at a location to the northwest of the trading post called the Thorn River Ford. This outpost is lead by a cruel woman named Kressle who is known for her dual hatchets and her proclivity to use them. After the interrogation, the final bandit was thrown into the post’s compost heaps to either die of infection or be contained until a patrol comes to take him to the ore mines at Khorinis.


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