Deities of the World

Rico aka Red Ring Rico – CG

Rico is the goddess of exploration, freedom, and purity. She encourages her followers to follow their own goals and aspirations, take risks and look back only to reflect on how best to proceed. She also encourages her followers to be on the lookout for evil and oppression, and to vanquish it wherever it is found. Her clergy consists of a large number of rangers, paladins and inquisitors, who wander about exploring the world and slaying monsters wherever they are found. Most clerics in her clergy lead small villages, centered around a shrine dedicated to her. She is most often depicted as a human with auburn hair, strange glasses and earrings, with a shock of bright blue hair in the front and a smile on her face. Some refer to her as “Red Ring Rico” because her holy symbol is a bright red ring which she is depicted wearing as an armband. All members of the clergy wear a similar armband, and may show it to obtain lodging free of charge at any shrine dedicated to her, often with a meal or two included. Her avatar is a human, who never looks the same, and is known only as “The Hunter”

Divine Artifact: Rico’s Red Ring
Favored Weapon: Rapier
Domains: Chaos, Good, Liberation, Travel, Charm

Heathcliff – LG

Heathcliffe is the honorable god of chivalry and combat. He teaches honesty, loyalty and skill at arms. He encourages his followers to hone their bodies and skills to become paragons of battle. He then teaches that with those skills, one should protect the weak, and if they are willing, teach them to become like themselves. His clergy consists largely of paladins, inquisitors and combat-oriented clerics. Paladins wander the land, spreading his lessons, inquisitors fight against threats to the weak and the church, and clerics defend their territory and lead the clergy. He is often depicted as a late middle-aged human with cobalt hair, a long mustache and a piercing gaze. His holy symbol is a sword laid on top of a shield. His avatar is a powerful outsider known as “The Shield-Bearer”.

Divine Artifacts: Flowen’s Frame
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword
Domains: Law, Good, War, Strength, Glory

Erastil -

Erastil is an old god. He is the god of hunting, and promotes harmony between humanity and nature. His shrines are seldom found in cities, instead being located in wooded areas or small villages. He teaches that the best way to live one’s life is to live off the land, with a small community of like-minded individuals and raise a family with a significant other. He protects hunters, farmers, and anyone else who makes their living off of nature without greatly disturbing it. Clerics, rangers and druids make up most of his clergy. Druids and rangers often protect sacred groves, while clerics typically function as the head of small communities. Few clergy members travel the world, as Erastil directs his clergy to settle down in a single community to raise a family. However, the young members who have not been initiated yet can be found wandering as part of their mandatory pilgrimage that all clergy must make before they are formally initiated. Their task is to find a community that they love and can be of use to. His depictions vary wildly depending on where he is being depicted. At times he is pictured as a wizened old man, while at other times he is shown as a young, strong hunter. Sometimes he is human, sometimes elf, sometimes ambiguous. His holy symbol is a drawn elk-horn bow with an arrow notched. His avatar is a great white stag that appears to warn villages under his protection of impending cataclysm.

Divine Artifact: Old Deadeye’s Bow
Favored Weapon: Longbow
Domains: Animal, Community, Good, Law, Plant

Osto – NE

Osto is the evil god of knowledge. He teaches his followers to put aside such “primitive” ideas like morality and the value of life, and pursue knowledge at all costs. Once knowledge is obtained, use it for your own benefit and at the expense of others. His clergy consists almost exclusively of magic-oriented clerics, though he also seems to produce more oracles than other deities. His clerics travel the world, searching out forbidden knowledge and using it to further their own goals. His clergy seldom travel in groups, as all too often, they will kill each other over their secrets before too long. He is usually depicted as a smirking man wearing a lab coat and holding two bottles of potions. His holy symbol is an open tome and his avatar is a mutated creature, believed to be a failed experiment of the cruel scientist.

Divine Artifact: ???
Favored Weapon: Heavy Crossbow
Domains: Law, Evil, Knowledge, Rune, Artifice

Montague – CN

Montague is the god of magic. He is a capricious god, and cares not how magic is used, simply encouraging his followers to perfect their magical talents without trying to place restrictions. His clergy is mostly magical-oriented clerics, who often act as curators of museums housing various magical items. Usually such areas comprise his shrines as well, with the most valuable item housed on an altar to him. His teachings often make heavy use of humor as well, and his holy text is a collection of limericks about various uses of magic. He is usually depicted as an elf in jester’s clothes. His holy symbol is a sparkling staff and his avatar is a sentient, otherworldly construct named Eileen.

Divine Artifact: ???
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Domains: Chaos, Magic, Artifice, Luck, Trickery

Adanos – NN

Adanos is the god of balance. He teaches that the world only exists because all competing forces are in balance. His followers strive to maintain that balance, whether that means founding a city to impose law, razing a city to promote chaos, slaying monsters to perform good, or slaying people to promote evil. His clergy, consisting of primarily clerics and inquisitors, strive to do whatever is necessary to maintain balance, for they fear that if they should fail, the world will be brought to ruination, whether that be through light or darkness. His followers believe that Adanos was once the middle child of three brothers. In ancient times, his two brothers, Beliar and Innos, began fighting. Beliar represented the forces of chaos and evil, while Innos represented the forces of law and good. The fighting was so fierce that it killed the two brothers. Stricken with grief, Adanos absorbed the essence of his fallen brothers, and swore to uphold the balance so that such an event would never happen again. He is often depicted as a knight on a celestial or demonic warhorse. His holy symbol is a pair of scales, perfectly in balance, and his avatar is an unnamed man, known only as “The preserver of balance”.

Divine Artifact: Adanos’ Scepter
Favored Weapon: Light/Heavy Mace
Domains: Repose, Protection, Rune, Nobility, Water

Ramuh – LN

Ramuh is the old man of thunder. He controls the weather, particularly thunderstorms. He teaches respect for natural forces, and that nature can both give and take away. His followers generally fall into two categories: those that attempt to exemplify the qualities of the giving aspect, represented by a clear day and a cool breeze, and those who attempt to exemplify the destroyer aspect, represented by the violent storm. He is usually depicted as a wizened old man, sitting atop a thundercloud. His holy symbol is a bolt of lightning, and his avatar is a powerful air elemental, who crackles with electricity.

Divine Artifact: Javelin of Ramuh
Favored Weapon: Javelin
Domains: Law, Air, Weather, Water, Sun

Bahamut – LG

Bahamut is the god and ruler of metallic dragons. He embodies the nobility, chivalry and honor of dragonkind. He maintains that dragons should act as patrons and leaders of the mortal races, and that leadership should be conducted through example. Most chivalric orders pay him respects, though amongst most mortal races Heathcliff is worshiped more commonly. However, those seeking to emulate dragonkind, or that have some relationship with it, often turn to his worship. His clergy is mainly made up of inquisitors and paladins, though a fair number of clerics exist as well. Clerics typically live in areas where metallic dragons make their home, helping to promote cooperation between the dragon and people who may live nearby. Paladins and inquisitors typically roam the lands searching for agents of Tiamat, and rooting out evil wherever it hides.

Divine Artifact: Dragoncrest Helm
Favored Weapon: Longsword
Domains: Law, Liberation, Nobility, Earth, Strength

Tiamat – LE

Tiamat is the goddess and ruler of chromatic dragons, as well as the opposite of Bahamut. She embodies the greed, malice, and destructive aspects of dragonkind. She feels that dragons should seek to dominate the mortal races, and that leadership should be conducted through fear and authority. Many who would seek to subjugate those around them turn to the worship of Tiamat. Her clergy conists of roughly the same classes as Bahamut, however her clerics typically act as agents of chromatic dragons, “preparing” towns for their rule. Paladins and inquisitors seek out agents of Bahamut, and seek to spread the worship of Tiamat to all the land.

Divine Artifact: Orbs of Dragonkind
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
Domains: Evil, Fire, Law, Trickery, War

Mephisto – CE

Mephisto is the god of chaos, destruction, terror and hate. He is the lord of demons, and wishes nothing more than to invade the mortal plane en masse and massacre its inhabitants. Few among the mortal races worship him, and those that do are quickly put to death, as Mephisto’s whisperings drive the worshiper to commit heinous acts of destruction and murder. He is a supreme corrupter, fueling people’s hatred, and using it to possess them and cause untold acts of wanton destruction. He is unanimously reviled by other deities, but doesn’t seem to care. Zuo-ken has specifically made it his mission to eliminate Mephisto’s vile threat from the multiverse. His holy symbol is the horned head of a demon and he has no avatar.

Divine Artifact: Compelling Orb
Favored Weapon: Guisarme
Domains: Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Madness

Zuo-ken -LG

Zuo-ken is the monk god of the mind. He embraces any who would sharpen their senses, and better themselves through introspection and meditation. Whereas Osto seeks knowledge, Zuo-ken seeks understanding. He was once a mortal monk, who through rigorous training, unlocked his mind to the potential of psionics. Once unlocked he honed his mind to such a point that he achieved enlightenment and became a demigod. By the time of his Ascension, his teachings had become widespread enough that people began to worship him and before long, he became a full deity. He encourages his followers to unlock their full potential, and strive to find true peace within themselves. His clergy is primarily made up of clerics, monks and psionic classes. However, all who seek mental understanding are welcome to him. His church is very loosely-organized. Many of his shrines are simply small likenesses situated in the center of a training hall or psionic school. Clerics of Zuo-ken typically serve as overseers in such establishments. Zuo-ken has stated that his primary mission now that he is a god, is to purge Mephisto and all demons from the multiverse. From his church, two elite martial orders have emerged. The first is the “Fists of Zuo-ken”, monks that have unlocked psionic ability and seek to follow the path set by Zuo-ken into enlightenment. The second is the “Silver Fists”, an elite order who relentlessly hunt down demon kind and seek to purge them from the material plane. Both orders have developed numerous special techniques that assist them in their tasks. His holy symbol is a clenched fist, and his avatar is a mind archon who appears only when the threat of demon-kind is dire.

Divine Artifact: Circlet of Zuo-ken
Favored Weapon: Unarmed Strike
Domains: Good, Law, Protection, Knowledge, Healing


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