History of the World Part 1

The land of Coral has had a tumultuous past. So much so, that nothing has survived more than 800 years, and most historical records date back fewer than 100. The reason for the short historical record is that Ragol has a history of violence. Approximately every 50 years, the four nations break out into war yet again, with the war becoming so widespread and atrocious that it wipes most of the collective history of what came before. Thankfully, the sheer horror of the previous war led to a rapid peace treaty, and the four Nations have been in an unstable peace for 20 years. At the end of the Great War, a society was founded dedicated to preserving historical records from the horrors of war. This society has come to be called the Order of the Tome. After the war, diplomatic relations were good, few disputes arose, and the nations worked together to the benefit of all. Where once the nations viciously fought, now one can now find Algolian merchants atop Palmanian ships, assisted by Motavian mages, and guarded by Dezorian mercenaries.

Due to the effects of the war, the nations themselves always seem fresh. Few ruins dot the landscapes, and those that do are typically less than 200 years old. Cities usually have numerous new buildings, as old ones have been destroyed in attacks. Usually the oldest buildings are used as government offices; they have survived due to extensive magical and physical protection. Libraries typically don’t carry books older than 150 years old, since libraries don’t often survive attacks. Indeed, many citizens tend to look not to the bleak past, but rather toward the bright, peaceful future.

Unfortunately, the last generation to live through the war and the ones that ended it are beginning to die. The younger generation, who have no memories of the horrors of war, are coming into power. As a result, tensions have subtly begun to rise between the nations as the new generation turns its greedy eyes on the possessions of their neighbors; but the young leaders aren’t stupid. They realize that the last war ended in a stalemate, and that nothing has upset the balance of power since. As world leaders contemplate the best way to rise above the other nations, the shrewd merchants of Algol have devised a plan: harness the resources of The Wild Lands. It is well known that The Wild Lands possesses an abundance of potential resources; however, banditry, savage tribes and nature have all served to dissuade permanent settlement. The Algolian Swordlords have decided to take the risk and attempt to settle the land once again, with the hope that the land will once and for all yield its plentiful bounty, which the Swordlords can use for the future war effort.


The Wild Lands majes